Criminal Defense Investigation



Attorneys have come to trust De Van & Associates because of our concise, accurate, and expedient report writing, as well as the willingness to work non-traditional hours and times to get the job done. Locating and interviewing persons of interest, 

gathering and preserving evidence, obtaining documents, photos and diagrams, as well as the ability to articulate and document our progress and results make De Van & Associates the preferred choice. 

Executive Background Checks and Drug Screening



As your search committee narrows your candidate choices for President, Chancellor, Provost, Dean, head coach, chief of police, or top executive position, allow the experience of De Van & Associates to complete the background investigations. Our preparation assists you in offering the most appropriate candidate a position at your institution, facility, or organization.

Additionally, De Van & Associates is a full-service drug testing company.  As a turn-key operation, we take care of everything from program design to full program implementation.  Whether you are a small company of one or you employ 1200 plus employees we are equipped and experienced to handle you needs.

We perform paternity test along with screening for hallucinogenic (PCP), marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines/amphetamines and opiates to name a few.

De PLANE 1528



The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), De Plane 1528, is latest technology employed by De Van & Associates. At 400 feet in the air, and operated from more than a mile away, the uses and application of the ultra-high definition camera and video are endless. FAA certified and experienced, contact our office for deployment, scheduling, and policies and procedures for uses of drones and UAV.